One company manages the entire process, from the bottles collection to the production.

Integrated manufacturing system

Our integrated manufacturing system allows Utsumi to perform all of the steps in the production process, from the bottles collection to the final product within one company. We introduced this system for the first time in Japan. Beginning with the flake production from the post cosumer bottles to manufacturing the final products, it is a method that ensure 100% traceability.

About our services

  • History assurance
  • Safety assurance
  • Supply assurance

Can be recycled multiple times

Complete recirculation system method

Our circular system represents an ideal recycling system. Using this system, we can recycle materials multiple times. This is made possible using a facility called SUPERCLEAN, which can raise the polymerization degree of the PET resin to the same level as the virgin material, or even higher.

Product standards that are safe and support food application

Our products conform to the guidelines set by FDA & EFSA.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)certified

Global Recycled Standard

We are certified to the GRS, whichcertifies recycled materials from the source to final product.

By complete quality control and product disclosure

Safe and secure high quality

Using our traceability system, historical information concerning the quality of our products can be disclosed.

Utsumi actively participated in suggesting a standard for health and safety.

Registration card

Our organization is ISO9001 certified. In addition, we participate in an international ISO conference, TC61. Japan’s presentation is finally adapted as international standard ISO 12418-1 & ISO12418-2 in 2012. Additionally, Utsumi also acts as an observer for the Japan Plastics Industry Federation and the Japan PET Tray Association, and actively engages in suggesting standards related to the health and safety of recycled raw materials generated in Japan.